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Mirror to myself - Are my thoughts serving me?
Mirror to myself - Are my thoughts serving me?

Mirror to myself - Are my thoughts serving me?

Gloria Wong

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A book that is meant to create awareness of your daily thoughts and actions.
This is a bundle of personal notes that has been collected over the years.
Hopefully, it can provide value for you too, as it did for me.

From the book

We get swept away by the ideal of what we created as a society.

We sweep away ourselves. Adding value to material things or “milestones” in life.
It feeds our ego. There is no end.
How then, can you stop for a moment and enjoy life?

Or live.

Life has no attachments. Life is just you.
Everything around us are just decorations that you will not take with you when you leave this world.

Life was meant to be lived. Not chased.

About the author

Gloria Wong lives in Rotterdam and is born and raised in the Netherlands. Her hardworking parents have always been an inspiration to her. They came to the Netherlands in their twenties from Malaysia and have experienced a lot of hardships themselves. When they were working hard to provide for the family, she wrote the things she learnt from them and from their beloved friends, the Chiu family.


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Mirror to myself - Are my thoughts serving me?


Gloria Wong


Psychology and personal development

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978-94-640-3354-0 / 9789464033540


€ 15,99