Simplify your life in 80 days - Daily Guidance For An Effortless Life

Erika Wynants

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Have you always wanted to know how to transform your life? Are you ready for a significant positive change? Then look no further!
As your personal guide, this book will inspire new thinking, challenge you along the way, and help you become more mindful of what really matters. This practical roadmap is useful and timeless so that, no matter how often you return to it throughout your life, the effective tools, techniques and methods will always be relevant. An extraordinary experience awaits. Just start reading and follow the path outlined in this book!

From the book

Do you feel like you don't fit into this world? Do you find yourself feeling drained or tired when you have been around lots of people or when you come home from work? Maybe you think that there is something wrong with you. Or other people said that, because you are too sensitive you have to learn to suppress your sensitivity and toughen up!
It may be that you are an empath, a.k.a. Highly Sensitive Personality (HSP). When you learn what having a highly sensitive personality means, you will realise that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. You shouldn't toughen up! You should just accept yourself as you are and appreciate the exceptional qualities you have been given. For example, empaths can feel the energy of other creatures, persons, places and situations. They are able to recognise when someone feels off and sometimes, they are even capable of exploring other people's feelings and pain. They also have an enormous amount of inner strength in their hearts, unlike any other people. So, they are highly equipped to help other people. These are all great qualities which you shouldn't try to ignore or even suppress. Lots of people feel like they are too sensitive for this world. So, you are not alone in this!
Firstly, take a look at yourself and your amazing qualities and recognise how truly amazing you are. Maybe you have already helped lots of people who have problems. Perhaps you are very creative or you overcame difficult obstacles. You wouldn't have overcome this if you weren't equipped with this enormous inner strength that every empath has within them.
The second thing that you can do - after you have learned to appreciate your empathic qualities - is to go and look for like-minded people. When you surround yourself with lovely like-minded people who also have a sensitive, kind and loving nature, you will see your beautiful qualities mirrored in them. And now you will become much more comfortable to accept your empathic self.

About the author

In 1994, Erika Wynants underwent a powerful spiritual awakening and has been on an obsessive quest for spiritual and personal development ever since. She is the author of the book `10 Keys To Success`, published in Dutch. She is a Certified Life Coach and Personal Development Coach as well as a Spiritual Coach and Healer. Her purpose is to inspire others to live their best life and become the best version of themselves. For more information, please visit


2021-05-18 12:35:46 | By: Michel | Rating:
Mooi boek, zeer interessant, heel goed van toepassing. Een aanrader voor iedereen.

2021-05-03 14:56:27 | By: Katleen | Rating:
My captain in life is a black panther, whenever I feel I cannot do something, the animal is there in my mind to guide me. I have a stuffed animal in my car to remind me... The strength it translates, the elegance, the muscles, the fearlessness.... For more than 17 years I had 3 black cats and they all had aspects of the black panther, but they all had also the weaknesses of a simple cat. With the last one passing away, there is an immense emptiness created, an emptiness that cannot be filled by simply taking another cat. What does this have to do with "Simplify your live in 80 days"?
The book makes me realize that the strength I got from my cats is actually the strength I have within myself. The book takes you to a journey to release your inner black panther in my case or maybe your inner tiger. The book doesn't stop, because when you finished the book, your journey begins...

2021-02-08 12:03:51 | By: RitaFreedomlab | Rating:
Wat een heerlijk boek is dit! Mooie, wijze en uplifting boodschappen voor elke dag. Echt een aanrader!
What a wonderful book! Beautiful, wise, uplifting messages to brighten every day. Must read!

2021-01-20 20:52:35 | By: Gerry | Rating:
Ik ben absoluut geen boekenwurm maar ik kijk er elke ochtend weer naar uit iets uit het boek te lezen. Ondanks de Engelse taal is het makkelijk leesbaar en is alles duidelijk beschreven. Ik ben aan de slag gegaan met de tips en ben al wat rustiger geworden. Mooi boek, een aanrader voor iedereen !

2021-01-11 14:15:30 | By: Franco | Rating:
Mooi..en gevoelig de stukken die herkenbaar zijn !!

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Erika Wynants



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