Encyclopaedia of the Lost Soul - Psychological Horror

Jari Bruinink

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The Encyclopaedia of the Lost Soul seeks to offer an informative and scientific guide to life surrounded by lost souls. It seeks to inform the reader of the dangers involving these souls and furthermore offers a guide to protecting oneself from them. It describes the painful transformation these souls have gone through in order to transform into a lost soul. Explaining the many forms that lost souls make take and their differences, it gives detailed insight into the minds of these many varying beings and what happens case by case when one such mind is manipulated. Surprising and enlightening results have been gathered this way, which have been characterised as unexpectedly unnatural by many.

From the book

One action can quite literally mean the end of the lifespan of a soul. On the contrary, it takes one thousand actions to save one from the same fate, if it can even be saved at all. Some of them have already been doomed to die long before one gets even a chance to help it. Watching it suffer as it equally slowly as helplessly deteriorates is the single thing more torturing than witnessing a soul destroy itself without any previous mentioning of its suffering. Knowing that if it did speak, it had a small chance of healing.
    The goal of this book is therefore as much to teach you about souls as it to serve as a cry for help.

I no longer want to be the only one to see them.

About the author

Jari Bruinink, when writing, challenges every word. When one is comitted to paper, it has so for a reason. Combining the dark and melancholic, he creates moods that seek to drag in the reader with mystery and confront them. Jari expresses himself in multiple art forms, including music, drawing and thusly, writing. Comparing the strengths and weaknesses of each medium, he pushes his boundaries to offer emotional experiences to the listener, observer or reader, respectively.


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Encyclopaedia of the Lost Soul - Psychological Horror


Jari Bruinink



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€ 17,99