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Mr. Soul Tamer
Mr. Soul Tamer

Mr. Soul Tamer

Achraf Amazrhar

Category: Young Adult
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For two years Leo has eagerly been looking forward to his tenth birthday. His first birthday party that, according to his parents, would be the most unforgettable day of his life. Little did he know that it would be the day that he would be tied up in his basement and find out that his great-great-great-grandfather was the greatest serial killer of his time. His bloodlust was gained from a lost soul of a powerful lion, with the power to gain absolute obedience from all creations on Earth. Leo’s parents intend to transfer this power to their own son, but with a great risk at stake! An incredible turn of events that will change Leo’s life forever.

From the book

Meanwhile, as his father was about to tell Leo their reason for doing this, Leo interrupted his father and said in confusion, “Wait a minute. What does my great-great-great-grandfather have to do with this?” His father responded, laughing, “He has everything to do with this my son! You see, today isn’t just your birthday that we are going to celebrate. But it’s also the day that your great-great-great-grandfather was born and started this great and special hobby of ours." Leo responded scared, “What do you mean by a special hobby?”

About the author

Achraf Amazrhar was born in 1999 in Wageningen and lives with his mother, sister and brother. From an early age, he was interested in the fantasy world and enjoyed telling made-up stories. At the age of ten he and his family emigrated to Morocco and lived there for a few years, where he met an English teacher who motivated him to write down his stories aside from telling them. From that moment on he started writing, and publishing a book had been a long-cherished wish of his. Eventually, that was accomplished in June 2020 with Mr. Soul Tamer, an original and sensational story that will be continued in future books!


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Mr. Soul Tamer


Achraf Amazrhar


Young Adult

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Paperback 12,5 cm x 20 cm

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978-94-640-3326-7 / 9789464033267


€ 15,99




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