My Grandfather's World - Why 60+ Britain Voted for Brexit

Andrew Lomax

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20th century Britain in the late nineteen fifties, sixties en seventies was in many ways an unpleasant place in which to live. Diet, healthcare and housing were often poor. There existed inherent institutionalised racism and sexism. The country’s industry roller-coasted between gentle decay and belligerent self-destruction.
So why did the sixty-plussers vote so overwhelmingly for Brexit?
In this deeply personal recollection of the Britain he grew up in, Andrew Lomax (1957) explores what made the vast majority of his contemporaries tick the ‘Leave’ box. As someone who has lived and worked on both sides of the North Sea, in Britain and the Netherlands, he is uniquely placed to transcend the rhetoric. His answers may surprise you.

From the book

Borders on the continent are far more fluid than the hard lines on the map. I can travel to our neighbouring countries, Germany and Belgium, without having to exchange currency or take my passport. In the time it takes to drive from London to Newcastle I can easily be in France and Luxembourg. Dutch motorists in the east of the country cross to Germany to purchase cheaper petrol. German shoppers reciprocate by buying coffee and cheese in local supermarkets which just happen to be in another country...
All this means that the modern continental European has a different perception of a foreigner than his British counterpart. For the average Brit ‘abroad’ will always be somewhere further away than nipping over to shop in a town where the road signs just happen to be in another language. It involves a conscious decision, planning a trip, finding the passport at the bottom of the draw, stocking up with Euros and worrying about how to cope if nobody speaks English. It means taking a plane, a boat or a train rather than just starting up the car. It is the daunting experience of going to a place where they do things differently.

About the author

Andrew Lomax (1957) A polymath with university qualifications in law and corporate social responsibility who has lived and worked on both sides of the North Sea, in Britain and the Netherlands, with work experience ranging from van driver through healthcare IT expert to professional in the lottery industry. Writing from the heart his insights into everyday questions are bold and thought-provoking.


2020-09-26 19:48:05 | By: M. Gomersall | Rating:
A wonderful personal story about recent British history. Written with humor, talking about politics in a way anyone can relate to and with brilliant insights into the minds of the Brits. I think expats and british residents alike will enjoy reading this book. I will even go as far as to say it could make the remainders and leavers understand each other a bit better.

2020-09-21 11:52:21 | By: B Dispa | Rating:
A fascinating read. Describes the true motives of a considerable share of the pro-Brexit votes. As so often, the perception of the man / woman in the voting booth is far removed from the intend of politicians. This book is the only good thing that has come out of the referendum so far...

2020-09-17 14:35:02 | By: Gijs KRAMER | Rating:
Zeer interessant zeker in de huidige periode dat de perikelen over de Brexit weer actueel geworden zijn.

Zeker een aanrader !!

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