An angel at my bedside - Spiritual awakening during burn-out

Daniëlle Blessing

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In “An Angel at My Bed” Danielle tells in a disarming, simple and sincere way about her painstaking search for the answer to the question of who she is and why she is on earth. From her experiences with cancer and a severe burnout, she explains the higher reasons behind these difficult and intense periods. She describes the way she developed her spiritual gifts and how angels have enriched her life in the search for the path of her life purpose. The moment she mysteriously received a message from an angel at her bedside, a deep knowing was tapped. This would lay the foundation for the way she helps like-minded women in the search for themselves. Danielle’s story offers a unique access to the precious message of divine intelligence that resides within every human being.

From the book

I must have been twenty-seven years old when I woke up one morning from a bright light. It was a state in which I was no longer asleep, but also not clearly awake. I was aware that it was something that felt good and familiar and I stayed very quiet. Several times I blinked my eyes to get a clearer picture of what I actually saw. It seemed to be a large luminous silhouette in the shape of a tall person with wings, standing right next to my bed. The radiance of the bright light, which made it difficult for me to keep my eyes open, was the reason why it was impossible for me to give a detailed description of it. It was a magical moment and intuitively I knew that it was characterised by a special transfer. The luminous form, which I only understood much later that it was an angel, used a way of communication that seemed to go far beyond words. It was as if time stood still for a moment.

About the author

Daniëlle Blessing has her own practice and is an angel therapist and burnout expert. She helps women who get stuck to expand consciousness, discover their higher goals and put them into the world.


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An angel at my bedside - Spiritual awakening during burn-out


Daniëlle Blessing



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