Return to Apeldoorn

Richard P. Oostwal

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The Dutch edition of this book was published in 2019, the year in which all over our country preparations were made for the 75th Commemoration and Celebration of the Liberation and the end of the Second World War. Unfortunately the worldwide corona pandemic forced us to cancel almost all the liberation events in 2020. However, in the Netherlands many organizations and private persons have been working for years to record the stories of the war-time generations in pictures and through the spoken and the written word for posterity: “Lest we forget!” And so did Richard Oostwal: his book fits in perfectly and with its mixture of fact and fiction and a surprising unravelment is worth reading.

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About the author

The author: Richard Oostwal was born in 1933 at Amsterdam. From 1967 he lives in Apeldoorn. High school educated. Made many travels: besides Europe also travelled in Asia, the USA and have been visit several times Canada. Hobbies:  filming, photographing, drawing, writing and working on computer. Years he helped to find host-family’s for the yearly reception of Canadian vets. He is also well documented about events of the 2nd WW in Apeldoorn.

For the English version of this story signed Trudy Butcher. Trudy Butcher was born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada in 1947. After moving to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan at a very young age, she attended elementary school and high school there and received her teaching certificate from the University of Saskatchewan. She lives in Saskatoon. Her favourite pastimes are reading murder mystery novels, gardening, and spending time with her grand kids. She visited Apeldoorn for the fi rst time in 2003 and met Richard Oostwal and heard some of his memories of war time. She returned in 2005.


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Return to Apeldoorn


Richard P. Oostwal



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€ 19,99