Party in the Kitchen

Diana Donau

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Every morning a little blue bird stands in the street and witnesses a huge party erupting in the kitchen of number 11. He wants to join in, but the partygoers never open the door to him. Even the owner of the house doesn’t let him in. Even so, every morning the little bird tries to get in. Will he manage to get in today? Experience the party in the kitchen for yourself, with Diana Donau’s second children’s book.

From the book

When I go to school every morning,
I see a little bird on my wall.
He whistles to me as I pass him.
And he begins to call:

“Stay there! Don’t go!
Come, let’s go and play!”
But what he says I do not know.
And so I walk away.

About the author

One of Diana Donau’s (1969) biggest hobbies is writing stories, but she also likes to cook. Without a cookbook, as Diana likes to see what foods she has in the house and makes something delicious out of them. However many ingredients she uses, it’s never such chaos as in her second book “Party in the Kitchen!”. She thought of this story while she was making parsley soup. Diana debuted in 2013 with her children’s book “Long Live Parsley Soup!”

Rachel Young (1969) is passionate about words, languages and the power of communication. A native English speaker, she studied Spanish and French before falling in love with a Dutch guy and moving to the Netherlands where she has now been for nearly 30 years. She’s still married to the Dutch guy and has two grown-up daughters.


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Party in the Kitchen


Diana Donau


Children books

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€ 15,50