Freckles and Scratches - Living with Turner Syndrome and Brain Trauma

Frederique Koelman

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In her own and candid way, Frederique takes you on her quest to recognize and accept her limitations, her struggle and challenges, but most of all her possibilities. She had the choice; stuck in her disabilities, brain injury and Turner syndrome? Or get her strenght out of it. She chose the latter. In Freckles & Scratches you can read how she managed to achieve this.

From the book

I was in the hospital in a coma with a brain contusion and a broken collarbone. Luckily, I was out of the danger zone, but no one was able to tell how I would recover. My mom later told me that, while I was in a coma, she saw all kinds of parents down the street with children in wheelchairs, and she was afraid that I would end up like one of those children. The doctor told my parents that I would be awake in 72 hours. I had my eyes open regularly, I grabbed fingers, but otherwise I was not responsive. After 72 hours I was still not awake.

About the author

Frederique Juliette Koelman, 23 years old, was born in Haarlem, The Netherlands. After years of struggle, Frederique decided to write Freckles & Scratches. In this book she describes how she deals with her brain injury and Turner syndrome. She hopes this book will inspire and support others with challenges in life.


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Freckles and Scratches - Living with Turner Syndrome and Brain Trauma


Frederique Koelman



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€ 17,50