Heavenly Foundation - A personal Biblical guide

Mirjam Feikens

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This Biblical guide offers encouragement to take a step further into faith. With each chapter, the reader is drawn deeper into faith and towards God as Biblical principals are explained. Developing your relationship with the Lord will bring you so much joy, peace and happiness. This book will help you to focus your life on the Lord, to change your perspective and to transform from the inside out. On the basis of Bible verses, meditation and guided reflection, which conclude each chapter, the reader is led on a beautiful and instructive path to love.

From the book

An amazing truth that this divine nature brings about, is the fact that we are able to (partially) understand God His omnipotence and omnipresence. Because of that, we can be full of awestruck wonder and wholehearted praise. This is something we need to strive for, as that is now part of who we are in that divine nature. To be worshipers, people who praise the Lord actively.

About the author

Mirjam Feikens is a young woman who was born and raised in a small town in the Netherlands. She moved to study to become an English and a French teacher. Throughout her life, she has developed her faith and relationship with the Lord. In her book, she speaks on a personal level about the steps in faith one should take in order to grow in faith.


2021-04-12 12:35:20 | By: CWFM
Mooi boek, duidelijk geschreven met goede handvatten voor een ieder die God in zijn leven toelaat of wil toelaten!

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Heavenly Foundation - A personal Biblical guide


Mirjam Feikens



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€ 20,50