Emily and the Bear - A book about friendship, adventure and goodbye

Karolina Grenczyk

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A female polar bear lumbers south because she can’t find any food on the North Pole. Once she arrives in a forest, however, she finds a little girl in a hollow tree. What a pleasant surprise! They go on an adventure together, but then autumn comes around...

Karolina’s artwork is so pure that I can’t help but smile when I see it. The colours are so vibrant and enchanting as are the stories and characters that Karolina creates. Her book possesses a charming innocence that I’m sure children will love for many, many years to come.

-David Litchfield, author and illustrator
of the bestseller ‘the Bear and the Piano’

From the book

Momma Bear’s stomach went: grumble!
She was so hungry she might tumble!
So, she decided to pack
A yellow rug sack,
And with water filling her mouth,
She said: “I’m heading down south!”

About the author

Karolina Anna Grenczyk is a mermaid, an animal lover and a nature lover. So, if she had fur or scales, she would like to live outside! Unfortunately, she is neither an otter nor a fish...
She was born in the enchanted city of Krakow in Poland, where she spent the first seven years of her life. Her kindergarten was even located at the foot of Wawel Castle. A castle in which all the Polish kings were crowned and laid to rest.
Besides her love for reading, writing, and swimming, she has always drawn. After high school, therefore, she immediately started her studies at the Willem de Kooning Academy. For two years, she devoted herself to illustration but then decided to study English Language and Literature at Leiden University instead. This is where her talent for writing truly began to blossom.
After working in education for several years, she picked up drawing and writing again. She has had a few exhibitions in Rotterdam already and can often be spotted drawing around the city centre. In cafes and in the park, she captures people in her sketchbooks, while usually remaining unnoticed. Other themes in her work are, you guessed it, animals and nature.


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Emily and the Bear - A book about friendship, adventure and goodbye


Karolina Grenczyk


Children books

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Hardcover 16 x 24 cm

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978-94-643-1092-4 / 9789464310924


€ 21,50