WTRS - Write To Remain Silent

Romario Rodrigues Varela

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WTRS (pronounced waters) is an acronym for Write To Remain Silent, and serves as a collection of poetry about (lost) love and things we stay silent about. It includes poems that deal with: affection, depression, racism, feminism, anarchy, life during quarantine, spiritual journey and the black experience in the Netherlands.

The book is split into four chapters, taking readers on a relatable up and down journey of self-discovery, pain and acceptance. Even if you don't like rollercoasters, stepping into one might still end up being a ride you'll never forget. And hopefully you'll even have some fun along the way.

From the book

"I sense a great imbalance within you young one. This might be the reason for your physical, emotional and spiritual distress. But fright not, for this is fixable. You are being blocked off from the cosmic energy of the universe, hence your connection with the universe and even with your inner self is weak. To undo this blockage, we must unclog the pools in your body, so that the energy may once again flow freely. We must open your chakras. Are you ready and willing to partake in this journey, young one?"

I am.

"Good, then let us begin."

About the author

Romario Rodrigues Varela is a young starting writer/sociologist, born in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and raised by two Cape Verdean parents. Stating Leonardo da Vinci, Donald Glover and Bruce Wayne (yes Batman) to be his role models, Romario always set out to do multiple things with the goal of eventually becoming a true renaissance man. This also becomes apparent with regard to his writing. In his youth he wrote poems, songs, blogposts, fanfics, humorous social media statuses and even a screenplay for a show that has not (yet) seen the light of day. Now he strongly focusses on deep and personal poetry with themes focussing on mental health, love and societal issues.

All Romario really wants, is to keep writing something relevant to society, and relatable to the struggles of the individuals within this society. His ultimate dream and goal is to write something that helps.

Something that matters.


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WTRS - Write To Remain Silent


Romario Rodrigues Varela



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