The echoes of our souls

Dr Sangeeta Naveen

Category: Fantasy

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Sometimes the route toward light, is through darkness. The road to salvation is through pain. The secret to rise is falling and hitting rock bottom. The path to true wisdom is through forgetting all that you know and were made to learn. The journey of freedom begins by breaking the chains of your own desires. The best strategy to really win is to be ready to lose. The way to acquire courage is through facing your fears. The perfect recipe of pure love is letting it go and finally the map to truly live is to know that you can die anytime. This book covers an extra-ordinary journey of a young woman (Crystal) who discovers that she has two souls besides her residing in her body with an echo of their own. Come and be aware of your own echoes. This book will lead you to seek the truth that resides in you and be the best version of yourself that you were destined to be.

From the book

So, who do you think she is? Is she that girl, 5 feet 6 inches tall looking taller by wearing Christian Louboutin Eloise 85 Suede Pumps and an FF micromesh midi skirt, a chic polo Ralph Lauren white shirt, carrying a Louis Vuitton handbag, and looking at her perfectly manicured hands. She smiles at her baby bloom nails that never go out of fashion. She wears red Mac lipstick and tons of foundation, primer, and powder, despite the soft, spotless face underneath.
Or wait! Is she that plethoric girl at the canteen, munching on a Cadbury and dreaming about more food? Look there at the floor of the newly painted studio. Is she that lean and muscular girl who is doing nonstop crunches? Nope! Not her. Look at that girl in specs sitting on the extreme corner seat of a double decker bus, neck deep in her physics book. Wrong again.

About the author

Dr Sangeeta Naveen has her roots in India. She is a doctor in Alternative Medicine. Talking to her patients, as a doctor has given her a good insight in to various aspects of human's psychology. Besides writing, she trains in karate and has interests in singing, sketching, cooking, dancing and playing guitar. She is married and has a beautiful daughter.


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The echoes of our souls


Dr Sangeeta Naveen



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978-94-643-1238-6 / 9789464312386


€ 20,99