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Kissing In Swimming Pools - a LGBT+ romance
Kissing In Swimming Pools - a LGBT+ romance

Kissing In Swimming Pools - a LGBT+ romance

Phoebe Jacobs

Category: Young Adult

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Two old friends find their way back into each other's lives. Caleb struggles with regulating his emotions and is a rather shy person. He hasn't really had a friend since he had a falling out with Mason. A series of events cause him to struggle even more. Mason tries to fit in. Pretending to be someone he's not. Too afraid of being judged. Desperately wanting to make his father proud. And taking care of his little brother, Tyler. After a birthday party, they fight for each other, love and pride.

From the book

11 years ago

“Come on, Cal!” Mason shouts with a bright smile on his face, as he stops at a small river. He looks behind him to see a young short dark-brown-haired boy, about 17 feet away from him, running towards him. “I’m coming!” The small boy yells back.
When he reaches Mason, he puts his hands on his thighs and tries to get his breath back to normal. Then he looks up at the slightly taller, light-brown-haired boy, into his beautiful green eyes, that shine from excitement. “Where are we even going?”
Caleb askes out of breath. Mason’s smile brightens. “Somewhere special.” Mason grabs Caleb’s hand and together they run over the small wooden bridge. After school, the two little boys always play together in the woods that lay behind their houses. They would play in the water of the river or climb into trees, “live like real men.” Mason always says. They stop running. “Look Cal!” Mason says while pointing at a huge fallen tree: “A tree fell last night while it was storming!” Mason looks back at Caleb with a big smile still on his face. Caleb tilts his head in confusion. Mason pokes Caleb in his side, and Caleb chuckles. “Come on you silly! Now we can carve our names into it! It’s dead right?” Mason says and runs over to the tree. Caleb finally understands Mason’s excitement, Mason has always wanted to carve his name into a tree, but Caleb would never let him because Caleb wouldn’t let Mason hurt the trees.

About the author

Phoebe Jacobs always loved stories and dreamt of writing books at a young age. As someone who struggles with mental health and is a part of the LGBT+ community, she wrote ‘Kissing In Swimming Pools’ to bring light to these topics and help spread love and awareness, and to show support to the people who are going through similar situations.


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Kissing In Swimming Pools - a LGBT+ romance


Phoebe Jacobs


Young Adult

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Paperback A5

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978-94-643-1419-9 / 9789464314199


€ 21,50