Escape from Kaur - Stories of living in exile and under the shadow of tyranny

Entisar Al-Ghareeb

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The landscape left by sterile wars and oppressive governments includes these short stories. It contains insights and experiences from the writer's generation during several decades that they observed or fought in. Also shown are several human instances including conflict, oppression, escape from compression, and life in exile. All of the stories include fictitious people with whom she has had disagreements.

From the book

Where the buildings sparkle behind the city.
There is a different city.
A city of ghosts and echoes exists.
The city of colors and shapes.
Movement and noise.
There is another city where unusual steps can be found.

About the author

Journalist, author, and blogger Entisar Al-Ghareeb. She has a long history in journalism and writing. She worked abroad as a journalist for a variety of weekly newspapers, magazines, local, platforms, association newspapers, publications, and journals. Her specialty is writing about foreign topics from a unique perspective. Cinematic and artistic themes.

She won El Hizjra-Literature award three times:
The second award for Arabic prose, 2009-Amsterdam;
The second award for Arabic prose, 2010-Amsterdam;
The first literary award for Arabic prose in 2011-Amsterdam.

Magazineassion for journalism and writing many years. She has worked as a journalist for various weekly newspapers, a broad and magazines, local, platform, association newspapers, publications, journals in Holland. Writing international subjects, unusual perspective is her specialty.


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Escape from Kaur - Stories of living in exile and under the shadow of tyranny


Entisar Al-Ghareeb



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€ 18,50