The Magic Note Nut Tree

Theo van de Wetering

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In the land of Far Away Mountains live the two little sisters Emma-Lee and Elo-Dee in a little cottage. They live next to a special Note Nut Tree with very tasty ánd musical nuts! Whoever eats from these nuts automatically starts singing the nicest melodies. Nearby, in the same forest, three Trolls wake up at sundown. They are very, VERY hungry and go on the hunt for children’s meat for breakfast! Then something terrible happens... the Trolls get their hands on Emma-Lee, which makes her sister Elo-Dee very, VERY angry. From her hiding place in the tree she furiously throws nuts at the Trolls. And guess what happens then...

From the book

Ugly Groll and Grue and Gree
sneak unnoticed along the forest path
to the little cottage
of Elo-Dee and Emma-Lee,
singing eagerly a hunger song
hardly heard by anyone.
“♪Meat, meat, children’s meat,
fat and boneless, good to eat,
Softly, softly, hush my feet,
they must not hear
that we are near♪”

About the author

Theo van de Wetering (1950) is the author of poetry, novels and travel stories. He was inspired to write the story of The Note Nut Tree by the musical piece "Phantasy Quartet" by the composer Benjamin Britten (1913-1976). His daughter Noor van de Wetering (1982), also a professional oboist, has made the illustrations for the book.
Theo and Noor previously worked together and published the children's picture book "Floor het IJskonijn"


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The Magic Note Nut Tree


Theo van de Wetering


Children books

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