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A glimmer of Saigon - Faded pearls from Vietnam
A glimmer of Saigon - Faded pearls from Vietnam

A glimmer of Saigon - Faded pearls from Vietnam

Ana Banh

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I started this book when I first noticed the symptoms of my illness. Shortly afterwards I heard that I had a growth. This was a time of uncertainty and many questions as to how it would affect my future. Therefore I decided to leave my past behind me, including the devastation it caused. I would close my mind to my childhood dream.

From the book

Dreams are imaginary.
Why do they keep following me?
Are they just dreams or is it the truth?
You try to hold onto your dreams,
Whilst they glide off your hands, just like that.
If you forget to dream, they call you.
If you follow your dreams you get lost.
Because dreams are just dreams,
You either follow them or leave them.

About the author

Born in the Capital in South Vietnam, she reached the third safe country when she was 14 years old with her mother brother and sisters. Where she grew up and had to learn a new language, which developed her written skill. In addition are her love of dance, music and singing realised and with her enthusiasm and optimism she faced challenges to achieve her goals... one of them is this book, written with symptoms of her chronic illness.


2021-07-26 17:21:17 | By: Alison | Rating:
een indrukwekkend verhaal.
het boek gaat wel een beetje heen en weer wat de tijd betreft en soms weet je niet of je het heden of verleden leest.

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A glimmer of Saigon - Faded pearls from Vietnam


Ana Banh



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