Message from the Universe - Let love, strength and trust fill Your soul with power

Kasia Skwiercz

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This book is for anybody who believes in love and is looking to release the resistance that is blocking them from moving forward no matter what it is―your career, love, personal goals. Those messages will help you get closer to your inner self. I believe that everybody could see a piece of themselves in it. In the end, we are all going through something, and those messages are meant to give strength and show us that trust and love is always the best answer. It teaches us to let go of things we cannot control. We are being led by a higher power. No matter what you believe in or how you call it, it all starts within you, and if you open yourself and trust, you will be able to see your path. Let the Universe in and experience the magic!

From the book

Let go of the past, live here and now
That’s not empty talk so please allow
Allow me to lead you; let go of the fear
The fear is not real, make it disappear
To live fully, breath deep, I am telling you
There is really not much more you can do
No rules, just flow and love
I am watching you from the above
If it makes sense to you, then take it
You can’t lie to me, no reason to fake it
I see you, I know you, we are one
Only together we can get it done
So let go; make room for the light
You holding too much, holding on too tight
To the past and to the rules
Trust me, forget them fools
I’m telling you my dear, love is all you need
Trust me, I won’t make your heart bleed
Life is good, life is fun
Believe me; put down your gun
Release it, let it come to you
You know what I mean, you get the clue
There is no danger, it’s in your head
Forget the sadness, feel love instead
That’s all it is, I said it enough
So go out there, love, dance and laugh...

About the author

Kasia Skwiercz was born in Poland. When she was 18, she moved to the Netherlands. She went through a lot in life. Due to not having someone to look up to, she looked for a place she could belong. Kasia lost herself to the negative influence of some friends, made some mistakes that led her to Juvenal prison at 15. While she was in jail, she developed an eating disorder. She was released at age 17 and from that moment, she started her journey on finding her purpose. The road wasn’t smooth, but she never gave up. When she was 25, she started her fitness journey and became a role model to many people. She was famous and known as ‘Kasia Rain.’ Because she didn’t heal from her past, the pressure of success woke up the old “programs.” It triggered the eating disorder. At age 32, she came to a burnout, which was her blessing, she says. She focused on healing her soul. That was when she started journaling, and while doing that, she began to channel the poems she called “Messages from the Universe.” That gave her strength and made her trust the higher power.


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Message from the Universe - Let love, strength and trust fill Your soul with power


Kasia Skwiercz



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