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What we wish you knew - The long-awaited truth behind mental illnesses
What we wish you knew - The long-awaited truth behind mental illnesses

What we wish you knew - The long-awaited truth behind mental illnesses

Iris de With and Mae Callie

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Many misconceptions and judgments are made about mental illness.

‘What we wish you knew’ is based on the authors' personal experiences with mental health recovery. Sobering yet humorous, the book discusses what Mae and Iris wish they knew at the beginning of their struggle with trauma and disordered eating. They confess what they wish their loved ones knew before friction was brought to their relationships. The mental health industry is scrutinized as the duo explain what they wish mental health professionals knew while treating them. The seldom talked about darker realities of recovery are examined and practical advice is offered to all involved. By addressing the black box that is mental illness, the authors hope we can come to know ourselves and each other better.

From the book

We know you’re strong, but sometimes the world has a false impression of what strength is. Crying and being emotional is seen as ‘weak’, but it’s the opposite. Showing any side of you is strong, because it makes you human. Showing how you truly are and what you’re really feeling, is what makes every single one of us beautiful and strong.

About the author

Mae founded the organization Let’s Break the Shame (LBTS) in 2019 with the aim of helping those living with mental illness. The foundation now organizes themed events, shares stories online, and sets up school & company programs with the help of a few dozen volunteers. These projects connect young people and give them the opportunity to talk about their struggles without being judged. Iris volunteers at LBTS and is a motivational speaker at eating disorder events. She also creates educational videos and works on collaborations. On her personal Instagram, Iris talks about her eating disorder journey. After a couple meet-ups, these two bonded over their shared experiences. They are, to this day, amazed at how similar their quirks and thought patterns are. Whether that's noticing someone drinking a regular Coke (not Zero) within a split second, crying about peanut butter, not being able to let people close, or overthinking every moment, it doesn’t matter. Both women have felt unheard, unseen, and misunderstood. To help those who have felt the same, they wrote ‘What we wish you knew’. It is addressed to those struggling first hand and to the families, friends and mental health professionals supporting them.


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What we wish you knew - The long-awaited truth behind mental illnesses


Iris de With and Mae Callie


Psychology and personal development

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978-94-643-1815-9 / 9789464318159


€ 19,50