Nightmare in the ICU - How the coronavirus sent me into a world of delusion

Irene Captijn

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It's the start of 2020. The corona virus holds the entire world in its grip. Irene isn't that worried, even though though she works at a doctor's office. Viruses come and go, so why would this one be any different? And yet, she ends up in the ICU on respiratory support, experiencing delusions that are so life-like, nobody could have convinced her they weren't real. In this book, she takes the reader on a journey of her experiences of delusion and reality, portraying exactly how she experienced her illness.

From the book

The room was dark, with only the light of the hallway shining through a crack in the door. She had to get out of here! Stay awake, stay awake. She forced herself to focus. What if he visited her again?
Before she could even finish the thought, the door opened and Doctor Covid appeared in the doorway. With a big grin split-ting his face, he strolled over to her IV and plunged a large, empty syringe into it. She wanted to scream, shout for help, but not a single noise left her throat. She had been right; he did want to murder her, by filling her blood vessels with air which would make her heart stop beating. Nobody would be surprised, and when they found her lying dead, the doctors would think it was the virus that killed her. Her heart was beating so fast it nearly exploded. What was she supposed to do?
Panicked, she pulled on the IV-tube in her hand. She wouldn’t let that air reach her veins! Doctor Covid left the room, laugh-ing. She had to get away, but how?

The following night, she woke just in time. She watched Doc-tor Covid, still grinning, injecting an unknown fluid into her IV-bag. Irene immediately decided this was bad news, and, alarmed, pressed the nurse’s call button. Doctor Covid kept grinning at her, and did not seem to be worried about the fact a nurse would be coming. He greeted the nurse in a friendly way, flirted with her a bit, and exited the room into the hall-way.

About the author

Irene Captijn (1974) is married to Raymond and has three adult children from a previous marriage. Irene is not a writer; she works as a physician's assistant and obtained her nurse specialist license in January of 2020. She never imagined herself writing, until she fell deadly ill with the corona virus. The virus caused her to be admitted to the ICU, where she experienced a world of delusion. She tells us of her bizarre experiences in her first book: "Nightmare in the ICU".


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Nightmare in the ICU - How the coronavirus sent me into a world of delusion


Irene Captijn



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€ 18,50