Shoelaces - A journey back to the authentic self

Tomica Whyte

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Shoelaces, is a romantic melo-drama, that details Sarah Wakefield's life and her experiences with real life events appropriate for anyone on a journey to self discovery. Sarah, while still very young, had one life changing experience that was the catalyst for all her other life experiences, but one such experience was the glue that would hold her life in place amidst all the turbulence she went through. It is primarily about her, her environment throughout the years, and the way she experienced life as an individual at different times in her lifetime. The mood is reflective. The book will hold meaning to anyone who chooses to read it. Its main message is to reaffirm the universal truth that absolutely nothing is wasted.

From the book

It felt like she had been crawling for decades through a deep dark tunnel, so many distractions, so many reasons to stop and wonder. They were not all pleasant to look at, but the pull was too much to ignore and each time Sarah stopped, she would remember she was traveling and her journey had not yet ended, because the story was still being written. When she would arrive, it would always be safe, loving and at the same time, confusing and unfamiliar. Sarah selfishly wanted to be applauded and accepted for making it back, afterall, it was not always that easy to come back, but she made it. Sometimes there would be bouts of blame, doubts and fear on both sides. Neither of them were willing to back down, and so the aversion, avoidism, rejection and anxiety became the recoil to another round of traveling. Sarah felt like the husband in the movie ̈the time traveler's wife. ̈ The runner at times became the chaser, and in periods of great fatigue and frustration, bids to be chased, but it was never reaching that extreme. ̈Why had it been so imminent to feel recompensed for authenticity? ̈ she wondered, ̈and why was there acclimation for it to be met? ̈ and more importantly, ̈why was there a constant need to run and hide? ̈ There was a lot of guilt, shame and pain, all so powerful and necessary for the growth that it became apparent throughout every travel experience. There is black, soft mund under the tips of her fingernails, perspiration teasing at the very tip of her brows, tears brimming in her eyes. It was terrifying, but she did say all that came into her mind. It flew right out of her mouth like the rapids of a river. She did get harsh and true replies, but she wasn't listening, she could not understand why some things would escape her lips, and moreover what they even meant. She just knew she had to live in her truth.

About the author

Tomica Whyte started writing because she needed a way to deal with her own emotions. She is self taught. When she was only three years old, she learned to read because her great grandmother would ask her to read from the Bible while she stood close by and corrected all the mistakes the then little Tomica would make. When Tomica turned eleven, that is when she uncovered a whole new love for reading. Tomica is an author, survivor of domestic violence and entrepeneaur who writes from a place of passion immersing herself into the story in such a way that it gives it that familiar and authentic feel . With her work of fiction, she hopes to touch millions.


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Shoelaces - A journey back to the authentic self


Tomica Whyte



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€ 19,99