Norse among Greeks

Mathias Depreitere

Category: Fantasy

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Thor, the Norse god of thunder, wakes up one day in ancient Greece. He doesn't remember how or why he's there, but knows that he must get back to Asgard, the world of the Norse gods. Along the way, he meets many Greek characters, both new allies and enemies, and he must use his power in this unknown environment to not be stopped by these strange gods.

From the book

On a bright day, in the forest, a man lay asleep in a pond. Slowly however, he woke up. The sunlight surprised him, making him close his eyes again. Eventually, he sat straight, and proceeded to look around himself. The scene was truly peaceful, and the man was pleased at first. This changed, however, when he realised he had no idea how he got there. Quickly, he got up, splashing the water around, and looked once again around him, this time with shock and confusion. Desperately, he tried to remember what had happened last night, but couldn’t recall anything. When he pondered for a bit, he ended up coming on the one logical conclusion. ‘Loki!’, he yelled out loud with an impressive voice, scaring the birds away. ‘Where are you? I know you did this! Have you not learned anything from the venom in your eyes? If you don’t bring me back right now, we’ll bind you back to those rocks for even longer!’ No response. ‘Where have you brought me? Or have you hired that Utgard guy with his illusions to trick me? I’ll have you know that the others will realise I’m gone, and that we’ll make you pay once more!’ Once again, no response. The man waited for a bit, until he said frustrated: ‘Fine, have it your way! I’ll just sit here and wait for the others to come and get me.’ He then got out of the water, sat on a nearby rock, and started waiting. He sat there for about ten minutes, occasionally mumbling something about ‘that damn weasel’, but nothing happened. No new sound emerged and nothing revealed itself. The man stayed on his rock waiting for anything to happen until finally, he became impatient and gave up. He got up, and started heading for the outside of this forest, hoping to find a road or some people able to tell him where he was. And thus, the new adventure of Thor, Norse God of thunder, began. 

About the author

Mathias Depreitere was born on november 2003 in Belgium. He gained an interest in storytelling by watching a lot of reviews of pieces of media, which often talked about writing and tropes. It was in 2021 at the age of 18 that he decided to actually write a book himself. 'Norse among Greeks' was written because of his interest in mythology, both Greek and Norse, and the idea of two of them interacting. While he didn't have experience in writing and wasn't planning on studying in that direction, he simply wanted to do something with his ideas and have fun doing it.


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Norse among Greeks


Mathias Depreitere



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€ 17,50