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Travels - Tales On Innocence
Travels - Tales On Innocence

Travels - Tales On Innocence

Janke Anna Kuik

Category: Poems

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The world around us leaves many impressions in our mind and heart, many memories to hang on to or just to discard. The tales of Travels are the stories of many of us living on this stage in this period of time. Can we be without the pain of the imprints? Can we live in joy and see beauty in every experience? These stories have been told many times before in many different languages, through- out the ages. Do we remember the clouds of yesterday? Wander in wonder and let the word lead the way.

From the book

Sea Of Wisdom

A giver of shell and story.
Sandy coasts where children play and birds glide inside the
frame of the lens.
The intense light on a mirror of one billion drops flows out
to world’s end.
And the beat never stops.

A bringer of glory and destroying forces.
On top of your waves, white horses celebrate their
dance to freedom.
So much is carried by your weight.
Ages of greed decline beneath your surface, washed away
by the currency of tide.

A sharer of joy and fear.
Man and ship disappeared in your moments of cruelty.
But, without you, where would we be?
When your song’s never heard again, our world would die
and seashells cry.
Seagulls lost, lonely in the sky.
And now all is said.
I better get up or my feet are getting wet.
High tide is coming.

About the author

The writer Janke Anna Kuik worked for years on a collection of tales, while traveling through the UK, Switzerland, Asia, the world outside her window and inside her mind. She found a world of words that are shaped into stories. Started out with painting she changed to a more abstract dimension and nowadays combines both. The illustration with the tale. Though written in English, she still lives in The Netherlands and is a mother and grandma.


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Travels - Tales On Innocence


Janke Anna Kuik



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