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Dark Treasure
Dark Treasure

Dark Treasure

D. K. Rietveld


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When Casper and Louisa first meet each other, there is an unexplainable spark between them, drawing them closer to each other. After an unnerving cat and mouse game between them, the tension quickly rises between this couple. The possessive, dominant man and the sweet, broken girl get together. They receive a disturbing phone call, telling them they’re in danger. Casper protects Louisa as much as he can, but will he succeed? Will they come out of it alive? What will Louisa do when she finds out that he’s done something unforgivable?

From the book

I should have known. Your life can be turned upside down in merely moments. Seconds. Small choices defining the way your life will go. I’m wondering if I could redo it, would I’ve done things differently? If I would’ve known, maybe I would’ve fought harder? Give in faster? Called for help? The thing about what ifs and maybes is that they’re useless. (Chapter one)

He nuzzles his nose into my neck, followed by small kisses.
I keep thinking to myself what kind of idiot falls for these moves. But if he hadn’t dominated me and treated me like a normal human being, we would’ve been in the exact same spot.
He grabs my thigh, I try getting out of it before things get too heated. “Nah, ah, Kitten. You have had your play. Now it is my turn.” He runs up his hand underneath the night gown and forces me to walk backwards. I reach the edge of the bed and fall down. He follows, right on top on me.
I like the idea of him touching me, so I don’t understand why I keep telling him no. All I want is for him to touch me. His eyes glow and he gives me a crooked smile. “Oh, struggle all you want, Kitten. I like my prey chained up anyways.”
I remember the chains on the bed, which were right above my head right now. I feel his threat sink in, it sparks something in me. It feels hot. I should be scared. I was. And yet I wasn’t.
I want him to take me. To break me. I want him to tell me how he’d use me. How he’d make me beg. (Chapter eight)

About the author

The author is born in 2001. She grew up in the Netherlands and has always been writing, ever since she was a little girl. She always had too many ideas and she could never finish a story, ‘dark treasure’ is the first story she’s ever even finished. The inspiration for ‘dark treasure’ came from a reoccurring dream. She got encouraged by reading a book which was an eye opener for her for the erotic genre. After that, putting the vivid images from the dreams into words was easier than she ever expected.


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Dark Treasure


D. K. Rietveld


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€ 20,99