Need & Neccessity of Change Management

Ad P.M. van Vroenhoven CBC

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The management book Need & Neccessity of Change Management is a management book with prescriptions of how to restructure a company in financial troubles. If a company doesn’t function in the market anymore, the company will get a bankruptcy very soon. The change manager is educated and has the experience to give the management and stakeholders of the company a hand to bring the company back in a profitable position, by means of a change project, with as a result a ‘turn around’ into a profitable company again.

From the book

An effective Change Manager:

Has a big experience in the leading and execution of Change Projects, as an Interim Manager with the responsibility within the organisation concerned, to execute the Change Project within the with the contractor agreed targets and tasksettings and he will be a member of the management team, during the execution time of the Change Project.
As a Change manager and leader of the projectteam he will need all necessary competentions to lead and execute the Change process and to take all of the necessary steps to realize the Change Project within the timing and content as agreed with the contractor of the Change project.
The management team of the company to be reorganised needs to give the Change ManagerTeam all required support during the execution of the project and the Change Manager will have all specific authorities within the company to take all of the actions needed to finish the project within the agreed targets and within the timing as agreed with the Contractor of the company which will be reorganised.

About the author

"At this moment it was logical that I would get in touch with the NV Philips, after my HBO Studies. I got there a job as manager of a supporting department for the commercial organisation. I got the request to analyze strategies and efficiency of the sub divisions of Elcoma worldwide. In fact I executed my job as a Change Manager and I hereby try to hand over my knowledge to the reader."


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Need & Neccessity of Change Management


Ad P.M. van Vroenhoven CBC



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