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Making Masonite Guitars
Making Masonite Guitars

Making Masonite Guitars

Jan van Cappelle

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There are some things in life you’ve always dreamed about but never knew how to do. For many of us making a guitar or bass is such a dream. And for most it stays that way...

...Until now. Stop dreaming and start building! This little book will help you to uncover and demystify the ‘secrets’ that surround instrument making. To help you realise that dream and show you that everybody can make a great guitar.

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Making Masonite Guitars

About the author

"I was born in 1986 and I am a luthier from Holland. After a first attempt to make a guitar during a dull vacation, I studied guitar and lute making in Belgium. Being a true renaissance man, I have a broad approach, making everything from the middle ages until now. Over the years I made and repaired hundreds of guitars and did extensive study after the guitars and work methods of Stradivari and masonite instruments from the sixties."


2017-08-03 12:58:40 | By: Willem Monteiro | Rating:
Prima boek.
Leuke gids om meteen aan de slag te gaan.
Alleen als ik als beginneling mis ik informatie met betrekking tot de maten van het benodigde hout voor hals en body. Dat haal ik wel ergens van internet. Het zou mijns inziens het boek compleet maken om meteen aan de slag te kunnen

2017-02-21 21:59:58 | By: S.B. | Rating:
Superleuk, supermooi en erg blij dat het er is!!

2015-01-14 23:24:39 | By: Aiko Timmer | Rating:
Schitterend boek. De layout met handgeschreven tekst en getekende illustraties maken het tot een uniek werk.
De complimenten aan de auteur voor de, ongetwijfeld, vele uren die in dit boek zijn gestoken!

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Making Masonite Guitars


Jan van Cappelle


Art, culture & music

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Paperback A5

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978-94-022-1362-1 / 9789402213621


€ 14,95




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