The unknown sculpture

Geertruud Otten

Category: Poems

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It’s written in a million stars
High in the sky above
We will glance and shine
Upon our eternal love

Like a winter moonbeam
And a summer sunray
Forever united
On this special autumn day

Don’t ask the river where
She will dance tomorrow
Just sit beside me and
Enjoy her endless view

From the book

The unknown sculpture

In mindless mysterious moments
She is born of malleable clay
Grown by my guided moving hands
Without motives on a lovely day

The hunched up slender naked lady
With her bent forward stream- lined back
Seems so tender and quite shady
Curling hair falling down her neck

Long legs hidden under a body sweet
Sad face lost in quiet graceful hands
Soft right breast resting on her thigh indeed
A scared little bird, without demands

Touched by many, watched by all
On her skin some left fingerprints of mine
What she fears, what made her small
Now she tells the secret after a long time

She is me, the past has seen the now
Immortalized feelings spread in clay
To comfort, to remind me somehow
Not she, but I will stand up one day

About the author

"It fills me with pride to be able to honour my dear sister Geertruud posthumously by publishing her volume of English poetry The unknown sculpture. Our father, an English teacher, certainly contributed to her love of the language. I also wish to publish the English verses on behalf of our mother, who passed away unexpectedly in 2014. Now is the time to fulfil the wish of my mother, Geertruud herself and many others."


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The unknown sculpture


Geertruud Otten



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€ 14,45