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Adventure Tourism - Operations and Leadership
Adventure Tourism - Operations and Leadership

Adventure Tourism - Operations and Leadership

Ferdinand Postma and Pauline van Acker

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The adventure setting is diverse and therefore includes many disciplines. This volume gives an overview over the important aspects one should take into account when organising adventures for others and is therefore ideal for undergraduate tourism students, who wish to specialise in adventure tourism. It is also aimed for adventure professionals who are involved with adventure operations.
The main focus is divided into three directions. This book firstly aims to determine the boundaries of the concept of adventure tourism, secondly it confronts the reader with adapted operational procedures for adventure tourism, and thirdly it describes typical adventure related leadership issues. There is a strong focus on physical outdoor adventures, but other forms for adventure tourism are also being dealt with.

From the book

This book is intended as a book describing the whole adventure tourism industry, with a special focus on commercial (outdoor) activities. Commercial adventures form the basis for adventure tourism management and are therefore the central focus of this book. Sometimes there will be examples of individual adventures, but these do not have a central place in this volume, because companies cannot offer individual trips, since the essence of individual adventures is that adventurers perform an activity without the help of companies. Related industries are of importance though, because individuals will never be able to reach a destination without infrastructure, they can never perform an activity without equipment, nor training for or information about the activity or destination.

This book is intended for readers who have a general knowledge of how the tourism industry works, for example because they are working in the adventure tourism sector, or because they are taking an undergraduate course in tourism management.

The book consists of three parts. In the first part it is explained what can be understood by the term adventure tourism. This is important, because there are many misunderstandings and misinterpretations of the term. A single definition of adventure tourism cannot be given since it is based on each individual’s personal perspective, experiences and skills. further, adventure trends, demand and supply will be dealt with. The second part deals with the operations of adventures. General factors like risks, environment, marketing and communication will be explained. This part aims to provide the reader with information about how to manage a company within the adventure industry. The third part deals with practical situations in the adventure industry. A very important aspect of adventure tourism, which is arguably more important than for other sectors of the tourism industry, concerns issues related to group dynamics and leadership. In an adventure tourism setting, tourists are often faced with situations that demand mutual trust and assistance. Additionally, it lies within the nature of adventure tourism that people who did not know each other before the trip will do activities together for a couple of days and will be together for 24 hours a day. This commitment gives an extra dimension to the adventure trip, which is important to be well prepared for. Consequently, the element of how to deal with risks is another important factor in adventure tourism.

About the author

Ferdinand Postma: "I am lecturing adventure tourism and coordinating the elective program Green Adventures."
Pauline van Acker: "I am lecturing communication and group dynamics. We both work for the Tourism Management education of Inholland University of applied sciences in Haarlem, the Netherlands."


2015-11-18 20:28:51 | By: Yke Boonstra. | Rating:
Een grondig uitgewerkt ( studie) boek over avontuurlijk toerisme.
Ik heb het met ( professionele) interesse gelezen en hoop dat studenten en collega's van het MBO dit boek gaan gebruiken.
Het boek leest vlot en ik kan geen aspect bedenken wat niet in het boek is behandeld. Wat mij het meest aansprak was het onderwerp groepsdynamiek. De hier genoemde voorbeelden geïllustreerd met belevenissen van de schrijvers zelf zijn toepasbaar voor iedereen die met groepen mensen werkt. Prima boek!!

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Adventure Tourism - Operations and Leadership


Ferdinand Postma and Pauline van Acker



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