I Am Fearless

Anita Baldew

Categorie: Thrillers

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Harper Green, sixteen, wins an Olympic gold medal, but when she returns home she unexpectedly finds her family dead in the house. Her world falls apart and what’s even worse is that she is suspected of their assassination. When Harper gets the courage to look for her family killer, a man Damian offers his help but he wants something from her in return. Not to mention a mysterious hooded man is after Harper and tries to attack her several times. Will she ever find her family’s killer and why is the mysterious hooded person after her? And what about her love adventures?

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"A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work." Her father told her this when Harper was only six years old. "I did it…" she whispered to herself one more time.
She packed her bags and was about to leave when her coach approached her. He was very proud of her—at the young age of sixteen, she had won the Olympic gold medal. "I'm very happy, Harper. Your parents will be feeling very proud right now."
"Thank you, Coach."
She smiled all the whole way home while holding her medal, which hung around her neck. She couldn’t wait to see her family’s happy faces. She liked the night view from the cab window—it brought back old memories.
Harper started taking an interest in tennis when she was only five years old. Her dad was her first coach, and she remembers how he taught her while her mom always prepared her favorite foods.
On the radio, a lovely song played and she closed her eyes to feel the night’s cold air blowing through her short hair. "It feels nice."

Over de auteur

Author Anita Baldew (Mirror) was born in Paramaribo on September 29th, 1996. Ever since she was young she has loved reading. The first book she has ever read is “Pinkeltje in Madurodam” by Dick Laan. She never thought of ever becoming a writer, the idea never even came up in her head. One day she found a website where people put their stories and she started doing it too. It turned out people liked to read her stories. That is how she got the idea to write her own book “I am fearless”.


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I Am Fearless


Anita Baldew



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