My Toothbrush Ran Away - Dental hygiene awareness for kids

Lauren Lundin

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Tammy is Leela’s new toothbrush. Instead of using Tammy to brush her teeth, Leela sees Tammy as a beautiful, sparkling wand and sets off on magical adventures. Tammy wants nothing more than to do her job, which is to brush Leela’s teeth. Through the adventures and creative imagination of Tammy and Leela, the importance of ongoing dental hygiene is revealed. 

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Mom bought me a new toothbrush. She is the most beautiful toothbrush I have ever owned.

"Hi. I’m Tammy Toothbrush. Nice tooth meet you."


She is bright with sparkles. I really do love sparkles. She is a magic wand. When I wave her under the bathroom lights she glimmers and becomes a flying carpet and a time machine. 


We are whisked away to a land where miniature elephants sip moon dust tea and eat daffodil donuts. We even visit the cloud kangaroos from time to time. All day we hop from cloud to cloud until we have hopped around the entire world - twice. We build cloud pillows and relax. Hopping around the world is exhausting, especially for a little toothbrush.

Over de auteur

Lauren Lundin has had a passion for writing since she was a child, and honed that interest while studying Psychological Counseling at Columbia University in New York City. Lauren lives in the Netherlands with her husband and three daughters. 


2017-12-27 15:06:18 | Door: moran | Waardering:
The kids love it! They read it every day and enjoy it. Great book!

2017-12-23 00:01:46 | Door: Tian
This book has changed the way my kids approach dental hygiene. Some fantasy and Fun! My kids have drawn happy faces on all of their toothbrushes!

2017-12-13 22:25:44 | Door: Dino | Waardering:
Fantastic book. A good reminder for children to practice responsibility, a bit of independence and positive dental hygiene. The kids love it!

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My Toothbrush Ran Away - Dental hygiene awareness for kids


Lauren Lundin



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€ 15,49


  • (3)