I am crazy about Holland because ...

Brett Preiss

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Who are the tallest people in the world? Who grabs a snack from a wall? Who puts chocolate sprinkles on a sandwich? The Dutch! This book gives you a taste of Holland from a simple and humorous perspective. It’s straight forward, cheeky and colorful. Windmills, liquorice and millions of bicycles make this small country stand tall. Brett Preiss tells you why he is crazy about Holland. He shares his experiences of Dutch culture, lifestyle and customs. It will make Dutch children proud of their unique country and give visitors a snapshot of a land often called Holland.

From the book

We grow tulips in a thousand colours
which are beautiful and make people happy.

Crazy about Holland

About the author

Brett Preiss grew up in Australia and has travelled all over the world. He is constantly inspired by different cultures, languages and stories people tell. He moved to Amsterdam, The Netherlands many years ago and considers himself lucky to live in this wonderful country.


2018-05-22 12:43:16 | By: Maria | Rating:
Wat een leuk boekje! Ik ga binnenkort naar Australië en dit is een superleuk kado om aan vrienden te geven die geen Nederlands spreken/lezen. Alle typisch Hollandse dingen komen er in voor, de tekeningen zijn duidelijk, grappig en niet zoetsappig, de teksten zijn kort en bondig. Knap vind ik het dat het natuurlijk toch cliché's zijn maar dat Preiss in dit boekje de cliché's toch weet te overstijgen door de speelsheid (de tulpenluchtballon bijv.) van tekst en tekening

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I am crazy about Holland because ...


Brett Preiss



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