Royal Blue

Thomas Schuuring

Categorie: Fantasy

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A great corruption is threatening the kingdom of Seqobux. Dark forces cause innocent citizens to disappear into thin air. This is the situation our group of unconventional heroes come into play. They will have to use their special abilities to overcome their own obstacles to try and solve this mystery. Join them on their adventure, in which they meet allies and even more enemies than anticipated as they save the kingdom.

Uit het boek

She kneels down and places both hands on the ground. ‘I see the tunnels and…,’ it stays quiet: ‘There he is. A hundred and fifty miles down,’ Victoria says, looking defeated.
‘How are we going to get down there?’ Ezra asks in desperation and Viang cracks his knuckles.
‘My turn!’ Viang says excitingly and licks his lips. He reaches for his bow which appears on his back and draws it. An arrow forms and Viang aims down.
‘You’d better close your eyes and cover your noses and mouths,’ he shouts and everyone does as he says. ‘Fire in the hole!’ Viang shouts triumphantly and lets go of the arrow sending it straight through the ground. A huge dust cloud appears and Larimar uses his powers to open the glass doors and windows in the ballroom guiding the dust cloud outside.
‘There is your tunnel!’ Viang says looking proudly at the hole he made.
‘How are we not going to fall to our deaths?’ Janus asks, looking astonished.
Viang shrugs: ‘Not my job.’
‘I’ve got this,’ Ezra says and grabs a small orb from his pocket. He drops it down. ‘It will expand when it reaches the ground,’ Ezra says and jumps down after it. ‘Woohoo!’ he yells out in excitement and everyone stares at the whole scene in front of them, baffled.
‘Let’s finish this,’ Lowell says and everyone nods in agreement.
‘Geronimo!’ Janus exclaims when he jumps down. Victoria shakes her head and jumps down with a backflip.
‘I deserve a raise!’ Lowell’s bodyguard yells while jumping down after her.
‘After you,’ Lowell says jokingly toward Viang while bowing deeply as if politely beckoning one to come in. Viang chuckles and grabs Lowell’s hand pulling him down with him.

Over de auteur

It all started as a school project. The author wanted to have fun during this project and decided to write a book with the help of a friend. But before they started writing the friend dropped out of school and the author had to make the project by himself. This lit a fire inside the author, he would succeed in writing a book.


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Royal Blue


Thomas Schuuring



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