Code Orange

Marc Buitenhuis

Categorie: Thrillers

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An art robbery at the Van Gogh Museum, a dead security guard. All paintings by Van Gogh are gone and replaced by reproductions of paintings from the Rijksmuseum and Amsterdam museum. Detective Karel van Nuenen travels to Alba Iulia in Romania and has almost traced the art thieves. Step by step it becomes clear that some of the reproductions are modified and contain clues that lead to the solution of the mystery.

Uit het boek

Soon they stopped in the exposition room. The entire wall was covered with reproductions, where the proud possessions of the Van Gogh Museum used to hang. Karel looked at the wall in surprise. This could be called a grand robbery. Not just some paintings had been robbed, the entire space had been emptied. Karel looked at chief of police Verdonk in astonishment, but his major only responded by beckoning him to come to the next room. The same shocking sight. Also here all pieces of Van Goghs art had vanished and were partly replaced by reproductions. Karel was not a known art lover, but he did recognize that the reproductions where not by Van Gogh, that much he knew.
Again he looked at the chief of police quizzically, but was already dragged by his arm around the next corner. A giant reproduction filled a huge part of the wall, but it was obviously not a copy of the "potatoe eaters", as the plate on the wall indicated: this reproduction was even recognized by Karel, this was a reproduction of the Nightwatch by Rembrandt! Above the reproduction a text was written: "Aen d’Amstel en aan ‘t Y, daer doet sich heerlijck ope. Sy die, als Keyserin, de kroon draeght van Europe" [Along the river Amstel and the river mouth ’t Y there lays in its divinity, she who as the empress wears the crown of Europe].
"My god, who had done this?", he heard himself say out loud. "That is for us to find out", responded chief of police Verdonk, "Or rather: up to you, Karel".

Over de auteur

Marc Buitenhuis was born and raised in the Dutch city of Apeldoorn, but lives in the town of Geldrop, near Eindhoven, already since 1999. He is a mechanical engineer and divorced father of two teenage sons. Marc likes to explore museums and cities. Inspiration for this book was found in the books of Dan Brown. While reading Inferno he got the idea for writing Code Orange, whereby the information gathered during the museum visits laid the foundation for this story.


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Code Orange


Marc Buitenhuis



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