Scrolls of Aderia - Invasion

Robin Siep

Categorie: Fantasy

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Following a series of violent events, Marten Maras attempts to lead the city of Sternwall through a hot and unforgiving summer. As his brother Nick uncovers a sinister plot to destroy their family, the kingdom of Aderia finds itself on the brink of war. Weakened by internal struggles and reignited family feuds - will the kingdom be able to withstand the inevitable invasion?

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And then one day the sick man suddenly opened his eyes. In panic, he tried to move and was immediately greeted by that familiar sting of pain. Unable to turn his head to the left he slowly turned it to the right, where he saw bright red curtains dancing in front of a window.
Breathing heavily, knight commander Jeron Rennet tried to remember everything at once - where he was, how he got there and what had happened to him. He stared at the curtains and did his best to find the answers, but he felt incredibly tired and his mind was weak. Slowly, he tried to move his fingers, which seemed to be the hardest thing he had ever done. After two or three attempts he managed to make a fist, then relaxed his fingers again with a deep sigh.
‘He’s awake! He’s awake!’
That was a woman’s voice. A human voice...
Jeron was unable to see the woman running from the room, but he could hear her footsteps tapping on the wooden floor. Still staring at the curtains, he did his best to speak, but the attempt was fruitless. A haze of darkness crept over him once again and even though Jeron tried to fight it, he knew he didn’t have the strength to stay awake. He drifted away, none the wiser but for the fact that he was still alive. In his dreams the teeth gnawed at him again, splattering the once white curtains with his blood.

Over de auteur

Robin Siep (1986) lives and works in his beloved canal city Utrecht. Among other things he’s a history nerd who enjoys football, chess and cycling. Being a dedicated social drinker, his glass is always half full. Robin has been writing fantasy stories for as long as he can remember and will continue to conjure up new worlds and characters. Invasion is the second book in his Scrolls of Aderia trilogy.


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Scrolls of Aderia - Invasion


Robin Siep



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Paperback 16 x 24 cm




978-94-0224-525-7 / 9789402245257

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€ 21,49