Dream Big Little One

Stefanie Maas

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'Dream Big Little One' is a loving book for young children and very suitable as a gift. It shows them to follow their heart and to trust their own feelings. They will learn that they can believe in themselves and in their dreams. The book starts with a loving story, followed by the Alphabet of Happiness, full of happy animals with empowering ideas! The children are introduced to the Universal Law of Attraction which says that your thoughts and your feelings create your life. It’s the wish of the author to get children excited about their future and the beautiful world we live in!

From the book

Pssst … I want to tell you something important!
You are VERY special!
You come from a beautiful place where everything you want,
all your dreams, come true just like that!
Really little one, you don’t have to do anything!

And you know what… that’s possible here on earth too!

The only thing you need to know is that you always
have to listen to your heart!
Curious how you do that little one?

Very easy… do what feels good!
No matter what you do, only do it when it makes you
really happy!

Feeling happy is the key to your dreams!

Then you are very close connected to this amazing, magical place.

What are your dreams little one?

Do you feel butterflies flying in your belly when you think about it?
Are your eyes sparkling when you talk about it?
Do you feel like dancing when you fantasize about it?

Those great feelings will bring you to your dreams!
And they will all come true, one by one!


C = Create

Your good feelings and your happy thoughts make your world
a great place to live in!
You are a real wizard, because everything you wish for will come true!

Make your life amazing!

About the author

Stefanie Maas (1983) is a happy wife and mother of three children. She is a food expert and helps people to create their absolute dreamlives. She has written this book to help children from all over the world to get a positive start in life and to find the purpose of their lives: feeling HAPPY!!


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Dream Big Little One


Stefanie Maas


Children books

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€ 17,99