Thoughts of a teenager - Discover what's on teenagers mind

Nyshainy Kuwas

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This is a collection of short stories and prose about depression, heartbreak, love etc.

Thoughts of a teenager is written to let teens know that they’re not alone.

From the book

I’m proud of you

I'm proud of you.
You're still here, being you.
You're still here being beautiful and strong.
Yes, I know that life is hard and I know that life sucks sometimes but you will get through this.
You will get through the lonely nights.
You will get through the depressing days.
You will get through life, just don't give up.

About the author

Nyshainy Kuwas (1999) lives in Leidschendam and ever since she was a little girl, she was always writing. From fan fiction to proza. It’s impossible to imagine a life without writing. As a little girl she was always writing stories and her older sister was the first one who she would always read them to. Besides her love for writing she also loves to dance.


2020-01-09 16:28:32 | By: Joey | Rating:
Ik hou normaal niet van lezen en al helemaal niet in het engels maar mijn vriendin heeft mij dit boek cadeau gedaan voor kerst en dit boek heeft me geholpen! Mooi geschreven, super gedaan! Ik wil meer lezen van jou!

2019-07-16 10:44:00 | By: Max | Rating:
Pakkend boek! Ik verwacht meer van jou te horen en lezen! Ga zo door

2018-10-21 22:58:52 | By: Ilona | Rating:
Echt een heel mooi boek

2018-09-18 09:47:24 | By: Sanne | Rating:
Super inspirerend en pakkend boek! Dit boek moet door heel Nederland gelezen worden!

2018-09-15 13:19:39 | By: Nayoka | Rating:
Emotioneel, pakkend en inspirerend! Trots op jou zussie! Keep chasing your dreams ✨

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Thoughts of a teenager - Discover what's on teenagers mind


Nyshainy Kuwas



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  • (5)