The blood lion - Lucy's fate

Maureen Vrinds

Category: Fantasy

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There is this age old staying that every fairytale holds truth within. That magic and supernatural things aren’t as far fetched as you think... If you look close enough. But what if you just so happen to be the ruler of this world where fairytales exist? And what if you are the only one who can stop that world from ending at the age of 17? Lucía Tocantis had such a story. It was one of forbidden love, bravery, progress and unconditional loyalty to her people. And it all started before she was even born...

From the book

She paused, due to the sudden feeling of being watched, but ignored it and finished the prayer in the tongue of the people, “Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners. Now and at the hour of our death. Amen,” she was scared, but she knew the real fear was to be reserved for the battlefield; as well as real bravery. When she looked up, Lucian was stitting on her bed in his cat shape.
     His blue eyes looked at her in a slightly less judging way than they normally did. Some would say they expressed genuine concern, yet Lucía was too distracted to see that.
     “Don’t look at me like I’m crazy,” she told the cat.
     “I’m not,” Lucian said, as he appeared in human form on the other side of her. Just in front of the entrance of the tent.
     Lucía turned to him, then back to her bed and back to the man again and sighed.
     “I simply admire your devotion. You never seemed so serious about it in your dreams,” he finished.
     “I am not religious in the sense that there’s a god you must pray to or be punished in the afterlife. If there even is an afterlife. The hell we’re all so scared of can’t be much worse than the one that is coming tonight anyway. I just needed some guidance or... strength and if a god or some saint can provide that, I’ll take it.”
     “You have trained for this long enough. Trust me, you have all the strength you need.”
     “You got anything more convincing?” Lucian chuckled at her sarcasm here, but turned serious again when he realized she meant it.
     “Kill him,” he tried again, “only then, you’ll be free of the doubt that terrorizes you so much.”
     “Only then you’ll be free of me, huh?” The young woman finally got up, took her archery set and walked out of her tent, straight through the spirit, who disappeared into thin air while she did.

About the author

I’m Maureen and I was born in Zwolle on March 28 2000. I also started writing the fist drafts of this book at age 14 and a lot has happened since then. My grandfather dying had the most impact, seeing as I temporarily stopped writing after that. I’d also like to dedicate this book to him, because I know he’d be proud of me if he was alive today.


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The blood lion - Lucy's fate


Maureen Vrinds



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€ 20,49