True Thoughts

Casper Rollman

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True Thoughts is a bundle of stories about everything that defines us. If you are living on the same planet as me? If you breathe and feel as I do? Then this book is for you. Truth, love, pain, loss and overcoming obstacles. This book summarizes my perception of life.

From the book

Sometimes it’s the person no one imagines anything of who can do things no one can imagine.

About the author

Casper Alexander Fernand Rollman born 1987 in Amsterdam The Netherlands. A dedicated person keen on improving the world for the better. Convinces that empathy and understanding leads the way forward to a brighter tomorrow. His believe in humanity and his compassion for others is also the message he wants to share with the world. Therefore he wrote this book in complete honesty, without shame or judged by our limited ego’s.


2019-02-06 14:19:42 | By: Martijn | Rating:
Nice book with beautifull short stories which will enrich your way of thinking

2019-02-02 15:48:09 | By: Niels | Rating:
Prachtig boek! Mooie en verhelderende verhalen. Leest ook makkelijk weg.

2019-01-18 16:55:53 | By: Patricia | Rating:
Very inspired!!! I would recommend this book for everyone. Old young it will stimulate you to think about live. Almost read it in 1 day. And if you feel like it it's easy to take the book and read just the part you want again it never gets boring.

2019-01-11 16:43:40 | By: Yvette | Rating:
I just love this book very inspiring and refreshing!!!!! Keep reading it over and over .... thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

2019-01-11 23:14:45 | By: Irene | Rating:
Bijzondere teksten. Laat er iemand muziek onder zetten. Het zijn prachtige songwriter teksten.

2019-01-08 17:28:41 | By: Jan | Rating:
Amazing way of seeing the world, love the way casper describes the world arround him. Big recommendation.

2019-01-08 20:23:21 | By: Anna | Rating:
Reading this book gives a good feeling, compliments to the writer!

2019-01-06 23:10:04 | By: Marlies | Rating:
Love the book from the beginning until the end! Can't wait for the next one!

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Casper Rollman



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  • (8)