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Perseus and Andromeda - An epic poem in blank verse
Perseus and Andromeda - An epic poem in blank verse

Perseus and Andromeda - An epic poem in blank verse

Jael Hanssen

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Perseus and Andromeda, written in a classic English verse style, tells the heroic and romantic tale of love and hardship between a half-god and a beautiful princess. The style and story-telling qualities of the lengthy narrative poem take the reader through a compelling and sometimes philosophical journey, dealing with emotional subjects such as unconquerable fate and vigorous hope according to the ancient mythology. It shall in its structure and imagery speak to the very heart of many fervent lovers of both classical epic tales, and heroic verse as it was done by famous poets in various ages before. Perseus and Andromeda is a beautiful voyage through the world of legendary Gods and heroes, woven in an intelligent allegorical style.

From the book

And upon Perseus’ entrance, he knew
As of powerful heart-roaming instincts
That fate brought him a revelation, a person
Whom he’d know, by looks alone,
To carry out the will of an older entity,
Boasting outer-visionary sight, and cohesive
Workings on the frail theatre of Earth,
Making things concordant to its sole purport,
From nought but anti-coherent black chaos:

About the author

Jael Hanssen adores older verse styles, such as the style that this poem is written in, and enjoys to make somewhat of an effort to bring them back to the contemporary reader. Blank verse to him conveys all sorts of emotions and meanings, and utilising that power himself gave him the opportunity to set a satisfying scene and stage for the ancient story of Perseus and Andromeda, and to deliver its message and moral to the modern world. Many thoughts and considerations in this epic poem revolve around both the compelling voice of love, and the menace of remorseless fate.


2018-12-09 11:19:29 | By: Jos Hanssen | Rating:
Wederom trots op de pennenvrucht van mijn zoon 😊

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Perseus and Andromeda - An epic poem in blank verse


Jael Hanssen



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