The Black Eyed Wolf

Romy Reuser

Category: Fantasy

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When an Omega mother gets so angry that even her own children are no longer safe for her, she jumps through the window and flees into the forest. The two oldest brothers anxiously try to find their mother before something serious happens, but it’s too late... In the following years the young family tries to adapt to the ‘normal’ human world, in which their true nature is absolutely not allowed to be known, but soon the brothers prove not to be the only ones with a ‘secret’. A fantastic compelling story about uncertainties, pride, friendship and love, but also of intense sadness and hatred. Read and wonder, are you sure they don’t exist...?

From the book

“Today we are talking about the history of faiths. Some people have a faith, but there are also people who believe in werewolves.”
Silou-Soul and Varan both looked up to the teacher when she said the word ‘werewolf’.
“Werewolves are supposed to be people who turn into a werewolf when they’re angry, sad and with full moon. There are also rumors going around that people have seen a few werewolves 10 years ago in this very city. The wolf got killed by three other wolves.”
Silou bit his lip and Varan was in shock. The teacher put on the news from 10 years ago, and Varan saw himself and his brothers attacking the wolf who killed their parents. He was watching it for a few seconds longer, but couldn’t take it anymore. He stood up and ran out of the classroom, leaving his stuff there. The teacher was calling for him, but he didn’t respond. Silou-Soul couldn’t take his eyes off of the screen. He saw his brothers and his dad in the background, yelling something. Then he heard something. “Mom!”

About the author

Romy Reuser is born in 2003 in the Netherlands and lives with her parents in Kerk-Avezaath. As a little girl she already turned her own experiences into short stories supplemented with fiction. In high school harassment and uncertainties made her write story’s in which the protagonist could be himself and in which love and friendship always played the leading role.
Fortunately, she found her own self and embrased it, what resulted in this moving novel.


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The Black Eyed Wolf


Romy Reuser



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Paperback 12,5 cm x 20 cm

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978-94-6389-364-0 / 9789463893640


€ 18,50