Peter and the book of truth

Milou Hensen

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When Sam finds a hundred-year-old book, Peter’s whole life changes. He searches for the truth and endangers his friends Sam and Lizz by taking them on the toughest journey of their lives. But when Peter disappears, panic strikes. Will they ever see Peter again? And will they accomplish the task the book has given them?

From the book

Dingdong. 'Be right there,' Peter calls from the kitchen. He opens the door. 'Hi Sam, come in. What have you got there?' Peter asks. 'I've found this book near the water. It seems old and I thought since you are good at history, you might be able to tell me more about it.' Sam puts the book down on the table and stares at it. Peter carefully removes the cloth around it. He looks at the cover which says ‘The book of truth’. Something is written in on the first page of the book, it is difficult to make out the words. 'And? What does it say?' Sam asks impatiently. Peter sighs. 'It says: It has been a long journey and I vividly remember my friend who died from hunger along the way. This book is very dangerous, but that did not stop me from leaving you this message. I hope that the one who finds this book, will destroy it. This will not be an easy task since the only way to destroy it is to throw it into a volcano.' Sam looks at Peter and says. 'Well, this sounds like an impossible mission.' Dingdong. Peter sighs and walks to the door. 'Hi, Peter. What is it, you look very puzzled?,'
'Hi Lizz, you have come just in time. Sam has found this book, it says something on the first page, but we don't know what it means.' Lizz picks up the book. 'It clearly states that the book must be destroyed, what is it that you don't understand?' Lizz looks at the boys. 'How long ago do you think this book was written?' Sam asks.
'I think by looking at the handwriting... probably a hundred years ago. What is it that you want to do with the book?' Lizz asks.

About the author

Milou was born in Bergen op Zoom (the Netherlands) in 2006. Since she was little she has liked to use her imagination. Back then she did not use it for writing books but only for things little children do. Now she has decided to use her imagination to write a book. In that way she could bring her fantasy to life and make up all kinds of things that don’t exist. She prefers writing books to reading them, because when you read a book you can’t change it into something you would like to do yourself, and when you write your own book you can.


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Peter and the book of truth


Milou Hensen


Youth books

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