The Spheres - An ode to the Solar System

Jesper Tjoa

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From the scorching lava plains of Venus to the frozen clouds of Neptune. In The Spheres, astronomer-poet Jesper N.K.Y. Tjoa takes the reader on an epic odyssey across the vast expanse of space. Inspired by and drawing from both mythology and astrophysics, Tjoa delivers a passionate ode to the myriad worlds of our Solar System. He explores themes of creation, loss, awe and affection, and the inevitable passing of time. Employing varying styles from lyric poetry to epic blank verse, Tjoa succeeds splendidly in conveying his own amazement at the grandeur of it all. In the end, The Spheres is a dreamer’s heartfelt testimony to the beauty of the unfathomable.

From the book


Why did you hide your true identity?
You had to realize
We’d find out
Either way.

And as you circle your uncle in endless evasion
The message you carry is lost in the dark;
You leave us to lift the shadow in final absolution.

Now we know
Your heart, despite
A skin of stone
Revealed to us:

For Mercury, in darkness cowers
Your mercy great, no less than ours.

About the author

Pursuing a lifelong interest in the planets and stars, Jesper N.K.Y. Tjoa (Utrecht, 1996) achieved both his bachelor’s and master’s degree in astronomy at the University of Groningen’s Kapteyn Institute. Writing poetry with his brother since 2014, he took to the net as E. Wødele, and in late 2018, conceived the idea of The Spheres. Besides astronomy, Tjoa takes a strong interest in music, which is apparent in his style: metre and tempo are his weapons of choice.


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The Spheres - An ode to the Solar System


Jesper Tjoa



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