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Koos the Dachshundman - Some love stories change the world
Koos the Dachshundman - Some love stories change the world

Koos the Dachshundman - Some love stories change the world

Irma van Dijk

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Koos the little Dachshund, a loving book about that little man who conquered many hearts with his loving and caring nature. Koos knows now harm, not in people and not in himself. When he saves a beautiful Dachshund Lady, who has experienced so much, he wants to help her find herself again. That is where his first adventure starts. One thing led to another and before he knows it, he is on his way to a strange country. Who will save the little Dachshund man and who will help him bring this adventure to a successful conclusion? Not his beautiful Dachshund lady, that is for sure... Koos the little Dachshund man, some love stories change the world is an absolute *MUST HAVE*, Enjoy reading, Koos

From the book

My eyes filled with tears. I did not understand it anymore and so I turned my head away.
Why, I just thought. What did I do wrong, I loved her so much, but did not want her to see my allconsuming grief. I stepped up and said to her, “Just do Aiko, I’ll meet you again tonight, take your time.” Aiko did not know this would be the last time she would see me.
I cuddled Babs, gave Aiko a quick hug without looking at her and walked away. Today I would leave for Paris. There was nothing more that kept me here, nothing more. My dachshund heart was broken.
I was alone... all alone...

About the author

Koos is a handsome little Dachshund man with lots of fascinating stories. Follow Koos his journeys through love, people, pretty Dachshund Ladies, home and travels. Koos the little Dachshundman....."You will fall in love". You'll see. Lovely greetings, Koos.


2019-10-11 16:00:06 | By: Susan Lumpkin | Rating:
I love it! Koos is Amazing! He will steal your heart! Koos is Love!

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Koos the Dachshundman - Some love stories change the world


Irma van Dijk



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978-94-638-9647-4 / 9789463896474


€ 19,99




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