Fifty declarations of love - Love is courage, hope, spiritual and finding yourself

Rachida Yaya

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A book filled with love declarations to remind people why they shouldn't cling to love, but only enjoy it while it lasts. Writing the poems shows the author her true romantic nature. In all the love that blossoms between her and her twin soul, an unheard of romantic poetry collection emerges. They cling to not let go and as a result they push and pull each other back and forth. The final poem is a message to anyone who experiences love as intensely as these two highly sensitive twin souls have. Letting go is the message! The poems are written in English and the
book contains many authentic drawings that express the poems.

From the book

Head over heals.
A view like sunset.
Feel the heat of the sun.
Jumping over the clouds.
Raindrops of love
on our skin.
Heaven let this
love be eternity.

About the author

Rachida Yaya writes her first book “Fifty declarations of love”, a collection of poems. As a single mother of three beautiful daughters she likes to express herself with writing. Creativity has been in the family for a long time. When she feels an emotion coming up, she can describe it in a poem. She can relive the stimuli behind the poem every time. This creates an amalgamation of poems about love. Writing is expressing, processing and healing for her emotion.


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Fifty declarations of love - Love is courage, hope, spiritual and finding yourself


Rachida Yaya



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978-94-640-3623-7 / 9789464036237


€ 18,99