Diamond of the Forest on the Silk Road

KourOsh GareGani

Category: Spirituality

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Diamond of the Forest on the Silk Road will be your best ally, will give concrete handles to tame the silence, to conquer the patience, to release the knowledge, to master the emotion and to accompany the self.

From the book

In Shin Shin Rin Yoku Ki, 心森林浴気
it's not only the fullness
which is articulated by its manifestations
or the emptiness by its appearance.
The nothingness too has its share of the totality
which has not yet appeared
or will never appear.
By the generosity of nature
the prana takes its impact and
chooses its determination
with your approach
with a little of your concentration and
a little of your repetition
and your presence.
This is how by following
the ancient road of the forest
(Kumano Kodou, 熊野古道 ),
by listening to the whispering of the forest
you get in touch
immediately and
easily and
simply and
with the beauty of the heart of the forest.
The opening of the road of the ancient
(Kumano Kodou, 熊野古道 )
who resides anchored
in your mind and in your body
makes you ready by your heart to
regenerate and amplify and unify your soul
with the forest.
At this very moment you feel protected and
carried away by the fluid of the environment,
in perfect harmony and
delighted by this feeling
which is the sweet scent
that flies in you ...
and the forest greets you.

About the author

KourOsh GareGani, of Persian origin, born in Iran, former political refugee has been living in Belgium for more than 33 years.
He has become familiar with Japanese culture since childhood.
He joyfully shares the essence of the cradle of the Middle East and the East.

This book is one of the living stories of the experiences lived in the life of the author crystallized in Shin Shin Rin Yoku Ki 心森林浴気 bathing in the energy of the heart of the forest.


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Diamond of the Forest on the Silk Road


KourOsh GareGani



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€ 19,50