Holi - Good overcomes evil

Regina Ramdas & Renske Koens

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A compelling children’s story empowering Holi’s vigour. The Holi festivities, a Hindu feast of faith, is celebrated every year around March. Holi is not only a spring feast, but also a celebration of the new year focusing on the good overcoming the bad. This book tells a story that is relatable to the social-emotional world of the children who read it. While reading, each page contains an element related to Holi. Can you discover them all?

We celebrate Holi monday 29th of march 2021  

From the book

Good overcomes evil

Shubh Holi, Holi is back in the hood.
Evil will be defeated by good.

Overcoming good over evil, without a doubt.
That is what Holi is all about.

But what does it mean exactly,
That I choose right and not incorrectly?

That arguing and hurting others does a lot of harm.
But sharing and loving each other are examples of feeling warm.

Do you want to know what I mean?
Read along and experience something you have never seen.

About the author

The making of Holi started with finding the perfect match between writer and illustrator.
This is how Regina Ramdas (author) and Renske Koens (illustrator) paths crossed. Regina is Hindu herself and through this closely affiliated with the culture that has a profound role in the book. Throughout her inspirational travels around India, Renske had a taste of everything the Hindu culture entails. Regina works in childcare and Renske is an art teacher in a secondary school
which makes for a perfect match in creating their first book, Holi.
Being kind and understanding towards one and other describes only two of the qualities of these creative ladies. Together they want to send out the message that children can benefit from reading a loving story with playful characters that teaches us we can all be kind and understanding towards one and other.


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Holi - Good overcomes evil


Regina Ramdas & Renske Koens


Children books

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978-94-643-1253-9 / 9789464312539


€ 16,00