A Duck's Cookbook

Yunke Li

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This is not your average cookbook, no, this is the first ever duck-themed cookbook “A Duck’s Cookbook” - brought to you by Gu’er the chef and her duck family. Inspired by a true story and real characters, the recipes inside are based on her family’s favorite ingredients. Come and explore the pescatarian world with them! Some of the ducks would rather skip the seafood though, so vegetarian and vegan friendly recipes are included as well. They look forward to cooking these delicious dishes with you! This book is filled with a variation of different mouthwatering eastern and western dishes, accompanied by beautifully hand-drawn illustrations. The recipes are not too complicated and are easily adjustable to everyone’s own taste. Sweet, savory, spicy, we’ve got it all!

From the book

Gu’er is the chef and the main character in the book. Her family members are not very good at cooking, but luckily for them, Gu’er enjoys it a lot. She is responsible for the food every day. Every family member has their own favorite ingredient, so coming up with different recipes to satisfy everyone has been challenging for her. The favorites of each duck inspired the way the book is structured.

About the author

Yunke Li (2000) has loved baking and cooking from a very young age. After contemplating whether or not to start a career as a pastry chef, she decided it would be better to go with her other passion first: architecture. She has even obtained her bachelor’s degree from TU Delft. The creative field, where she could use her imagination to make things, has always been something she wanted to pursue. Interesting enough, that is something design and cooking have in common. After moving to Culemborg in the Netherlands with her parents a few years ago, she quickly became friends with the ducks that lived in the water surrounding the house. Soon the ducks started their own big family (which is already a few generations old!) and visited every day of the week. They are the biggest inspiration for this book and are even starring as the main characters now. An illustrated cookbook turned out to be perfect for combining all the things she is passionate about.


2022-01-25 21:45:12 | By: Roos | Rating:
A super fun cookbook. Lot's of great recipes, beautiful (and cute) illustrations and adorable pictures. Great as a gift or just for yourself.

2021-12-29 11:47:03 | By: Petra | Rating:
Geweldig leuk!

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A Duck's Cookbook


Yunke Li



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