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Black book of Poetry - Forbidden love
Black book of Poetry - Forbidden love

Black book of Poetry - Forbidden love

Mette-Marit de Man

Category: Poems

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The Black Book of Poetry is a bundle of poems and short stories written from everything within, a wild journey. In this book you’ll read about love, pain, happiness, anger and so much more. It is a printed version of therapy, more like a coping mechanism. A guidance that helps to process. It’s about growth, self-reflection, love, fear. About rejection, confusion, feeling helpless and great lessons that have been learned. A book filled with poetry, sugarcoated darkness. Whether it’s all real, or just an illusion, it’s there for you waiting to be explored.

From the book

The smell of nature on a sweet soft April night,
The urge to love by a bonfire.
I’m finally able,
To breathe again.
Relieved to be alone,
Enjoying everything I pushed away again.
As if I finally found myself again.

About the author

Mette is a brave and determined person that knows what she wants, although sometimes things don’t always go the way she planned. She is thoughtful, helpful, extremely creative and always wants what’s best for the people she cares about. She is an authentic person with the biggest heart. In this book you’ll get to know her a lot better, it’s a peek into her soul. With this book she opens up and shares her emotions and feelings. Personal life based stories and some pure fiction. You wouldn’t know the difference, that’s the magic of her writing. She tries to explain all these emotions and feelings in a fairytale way, even though it isn’t all that pretty. Poetry has always been a part of her life, even when she was very little, she wrote poetry. With age the subjects changed and the writing style developed. Therefore she chose to write this book, to combine her love for poetry with everything else she never really talked about.


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Black book of Poetry - Forbidden love


Mette-Marit de Man



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€ 20,99