KURODAIYA - The latest development in Martial Art

Krishna Gopal

Category: Sports and Games

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Kurodaiya is the latest development in Martial art. A self-defense system to defend yourself against any opponent both in and out of the ring. Kurodaiya is the next generation self-defense fighting system which applies the principles of Biomechanical proces in the human body. It is a non aggressive, de-escalating and 100% proportionate. Kurodaiya is cultivated for every target regarding resilience. It is very easy, logical, practical and very effectieve.
Kurodaiya is suitable for everyone who wants to feel safe in a society where agression and violence are increasing everyday.

From the book

Do yourself a favor and read only if you are open to new innovative developments. If you are assuming to know all about self-defense and / or martial arts, and you are not open to innovation, you may prefer to close the book after reading this sentence.

If you are interested in a new philosophy that allows you to open a revolutionary development within the defense / martial arts, then I invite you to continue reading this book.

This book is an introduction to a new and innovative development in the Martial Art. In this book I discuss no elaborate techniques. This will be discussed in detail in the next book.

Great is my respect for all the (grand) masters and practitioners of traditional styles and systems. I myself practiced under various masters and have higher degrees in the Japanese traditional styles to.
I would like to state emphatically that this book is not written to offend or showin disrespect to different systems or styles.
My intention is to share my vision and knowledge with which I have developed my system called Kurodaiya "The Next Generation Martial Art" so that you can get acquainted with the latest development in the Martial Art.

I advise you to read this book with an open mind. From personal experience reality shows repeatedly that my breakthrough "Kurodaiya" is not easy to approach for many people because they have to turn 180 degrees and empty his mind or close his references in order to understand and accept this new way of thinking.

About the author

"I am an innovator, philosopher and “out of the box” thinker. My experiences in life and pratical experiences in Martial arts motivated me to develop Kurodaiya and introduce it to the world to make my fellow man aware that their own safety is their own responsibility."


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KURODAIYA - The latest development in Martial Art


Krishna Gopal


Sports and Games

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€ 19,45