The Dark And The Light - The journey and waves of...

Steven Saro

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After he finished writing his debut book, Steven never stopped writing. The inspiration kept coming on and on. He noticed his writing skills started to improve. Steven Saro wrote The Dark and the Light at various dark and bright times in his life.

All the sad poems are in the dark section and all the bright and positive poems are in the lighter section. The artwork for every poem is drawn by the man himself.

He hopes he can reach hearts, comfort the ones in need and embrace the weak.

From the book

I will open the door to tell you that...
The unreachable is reachable, the unseen will be seen.
The untold can be told, the impossible can be turned into a possibility.
The old transferred into the new.
Out of the blue you can be who you want to be, that’s true.
Dance the dance you’ve never danced, jump and dive in.
I welcome you in...
So, sing like you’ve never sang before, listen closely to the soundless sound.
Bathe in the moonlight and get to know the unknown.
Speed up the slow, feed the new seeds, and it will grow.
In due time we all shall see.
A new world is out there for them, as well as you and me.
We can be who we want to be, from below to above.
I welcome you in, to build and unite together in one triumph of love.
So when the clock strikes on destiny, it’s the right time to start.
Reunite in a bliss of happiness, from all the heartbeats within.
Thou art here now, so this is no sin,
but a sign of the time and journey to return back home.
Together we melt back to one plus one.
I’ll say and announce it today with the powers of thoughts and words within,
Bless this reunion, I welcome you in.

About the author

Steven Saro was born on December 20th 1972 in the Netherlands, Amsterdam. He was raised in a large family. At a young age he grabbed a pen and paper and was very creative in drawing. His mother encouraged him to study graphic design. He has also done a lot of figurations in Dutch TV series and movies. His eye for photography is developing and he still likes to apply it in his daily life. Artistic director of “Just Breathe Events” from 2007 up to 2013. While doing this he enjoyed discovering and guiding talents in the youth. Shortly after releasing his debut book, he also launched a spoken word album. Steven has a better connection with his children, works as a house worker at the Salvation Army and has a relationship that he is very happy with. This time he proudly shares his second book called The Dark And The Light.


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The Dark And The Light - The journey and waves of...


Steven Saro



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